League Rules and Standards

Section 1 - Race Rules 

1.1 – All drivers are expected to maintain a level of professionalism and respect on track at all times. Any and all contact should be avoided to the best of your abilities. Accidents happen but if a report gets made penalties and points against your Super License may be awarded. Please be mindful that a race is not won on the first corner of the first lap- causing an incident that could had been avoidable will immediately award you a Quali ban for the next race you participate in.

1.2 -- Deliberately crashing or wrecking into another car will result in immediate league removal. In Can-Am Reserves do not earn Drivers or constructors points, therefore you are to not be heavily aggressive towards the full time drivers whom are fighting for points, a Reserve is defined by racing in a Tier that you are not a full time driver in, Points to your Super License will be accrued as well as penalties, depending on the severity of the incident you may also accrue a Race Ban for the next race you Reserve in. 

1.3.1 -- If you are required to retire your car mid-race pull into the pits and retire there. At no time should a driver retire during the middle of the race or cause terminal damage. Retiring during the race causes your car to be driven by an AI which are unpredictable on track. If a driver leaves the session without retiring their car, they will be handed an instant race ban without question. We do not tolerate rage-quitting and we will punish any of the sort. If you are disconnected and cannot rejoin you are to notify a Steward/ Marshall immediately or a driver in the tier, there is a chance you could be invited back by a retired driver, or something along those lines- if no attempt to reach out to a Steward to inform them it was a connection issue it could be viewed as a rage quit. When you join the lobby it would be good form to send an additional invite to other drivers in the lobby.
1.3.2 --Disconnections and rejoins – If a driver disconnects during a session they will be permitted to come back via a back-up link or if a driver within the race openly elects to send one, if you become disconnected during the formation lap please wait to rejoin after the race has started- this is a known glitch to freeze the lobby. 

1.4.1 -- In the event of defending a position on a straight you may not weave more than two moves on a single straight in an attempt to break the slip stream. Excessive swerving is dangerous and could result in an accident. 

1.4.2 -- Dive bombing will not be tolerated when it comes to overtaking, this results in when the driver behind launches their car from 100m away from the driver in front with no intention to stop the car in time, if you get caught doing this and are reported, you will gain points on your super license.
1.4.3-- A bump n run is not tolerated in racing format, this is when the driver behind taps the rear of the driver in front and makes an overtake while the car in front is trying to regain control. And will result in receiving points on your super license.

1.4.4 – We understand there is some close racing, however when making an overtake into a corner MUST leave a car width for the car being overtaken. Room on the entry and exit must be given to avoid an accident. You must adjust your racing line to avoid contact with cars around you.
1.4.5 -- Spatial awareness is critical in a race. Extra caution is to be used at all times when in close proximity to other drivers. 

1.5 -- Etiquette is to be displayed during full qualification sessions. If you are on an in/out lap you must give the car doing a hot lap behind you right-of-way. Impeding a driver on a hot lap may result in a qualification ban if reported during the session. We ask that everyone joins the race chat for Quali to communicate with the rest of the grid to prevent any possible incidents. You may return to a private party chat after we are finished in Q3. 

1.5.1 -- If a driver is to be found severely cutting corners on an in/out lap in order to return back to the pits and put on a new set of tires for a hot lap they may face qualification ban. Live-streams and commentators may be used to identify those doing so. 

1.5.2 -- If a driver goes off the track and/or spins, do not return to the track immediately unless safe to do so. Returning in an unsafe manner may result in a strike and additional points to your super license. Even though we use ghosting- it sometimes doesn’t work as intended.

1.5.3 -- All drivers are required to have some form of recording of the race taken place in. This means recording directly from your PS4, livestream to Twitch or YouTube. This will be for the sake of post race incident reporting. And will result in gaining points to your super license for failure to provide POV- this is required so the Stewards can make informed decisions when making rulings for the incident, having only one side of the incident does not provide the Stewards enough information to rule on.
Section 2 - On-Track Rules 
2.1 -- When the game shows you the blue flag, you have been caught up by a car on a lap ahead of you. It is your responsibility to let the leader behind you by so as not to impede their lap.

 2.2 -- For the sake of tyre wear all drivers are required to take part in the formation lap. Driving in such a manner that you intentionally sends you to the back of the grid is prohibited. Doing so or being at fault for causing an accident that sends you to the back will result in post race review. 

2.3 -- At the start of the formation lap you are not to start moving forward until all cars in front of you have started moving. This is only exempt for the driver on pole. 

2.4 -- During the formation lap you are expected to be mindful of your surroundings as you swerve to warm up your tyres as well as when you brake into the corners. 

2.5 -- The use of “reset to track” where you spin or lose control of your car at any point on the track and allow the AI to reset your track position. That is strictly prohibited, even though we use ghosting for safety you are expected to return to the track when safe to do so. There are times where the Ghosting Glitches and could cause another incident, doing so the offender will gain points against their super license.
3.1 -- Shouting, name calling and generally speaking rudely towards any person spectator/commentator/racer/party member is unacceptable by any means. Drivers who are a disruptive influence on the lobby’s atmosphere will be penalized accordingly or in extreme cases removed from the league. People have bad races and sometimes accidents are unavoidable but lashing out at the person in abuse is only going to leave you looking like quite the fool and could be on the receiving ends of penalties that could even wind up leading to your immediate disqualification from the tier’s championship you participate in. 

3.2 -- When waiting patiently in the race lobby do not press the “ready up” button. Leave it to the lobby creator to initiate the timer. This gives appropriate time to take screenshots and set up livestreams for commentary. 

3.3 -- Respect the league owners and admin team. Listen if they are giving a message, and accept the decisions they make, this includes stewards hearings also. Stewards are people too and deserve respect whether you believe the decisions they make are right or not. If you feel any actions/decisions are wrong, address the issue calmly and maturely. If you feel as though a judgment made in the reports you can appeal the decision and it will be taken to the IFEA for an outside ruling, which could either have the decision overturned or it will stand.

3.4 -- Getting another driver to race in your place is strictly forbidden and the punishment for this is permanent ban and removal from the league.

Section 4 - Rule Enforcement 4.1
 The Stewards panel sections of the Discord server are used for drivers to report the actions of others whether they are in game or off game. A proper explanation of the incident is required for a valid case and of course your POV recorded either in stream, PS4’s recording software or software such as an ElGato. 

4.1.1 -- It is required to allow half and hour (30 minutes) to pass before making a report. This is to allow drivers to cool down and gather their thoughts before making a report, as well as assist in keeping compliance with Section 3.1.

Admin Staff
CRL_JK_144  (Owner) 


4.2 -- Racing incidents: If you feel that you have been hard done by in a race (example: being hit off, hit and ran, edged off the track etc) then by all means send your report and await a stewards decision on whether it’s deemed penalty worthy or just a racing incident. 
Your incident reports assist in improving the quality of our races as the stewards and Marshalls are not able to observe everything going on during the race- these help the admins keep the league competitive and clean, when filing a report please stay respectful absolutely no name calling. 

Unfair Penalties: These will only be for instances where you have been given an unfair time penalty based on incidents that prevent you from being able to take corners properly (track extending/corner cutting) or penalties where you have been hit under SC and you’ve been given the penalty instead of the driver behind. 5-Second stop-go: No longer will a driver be able to appeal a 5-second stop-go penalty for incidents or corner cutting/extensions. However drivers will now be allowed to report drivers if these 5-second penalties came at the expense of an incident that prompted them to have no choice but to serve it. (For example being hit under SC conditions by someone behind and being blamed for it, or if someone hits you off the track with enough force that you can no longer control the car into the corner, cut the corner and get slammed by a penalty for it) Once reported, the stewards will simply hand the perpetrator the penalty you were given also (an eye-for-an-eye if you will). Race director must be provided when challenging any time penalties in order for it to be taken in consideration.

To report an incident to the stewards please use the following template: -
 Name of reporter: (use discord tags to showcase) – 
Name of accused: (use psn to allow us to know who is at fault) – 
Type of incident: (Incident/Rule Violation/Response) – 
Brief description: 
Tell us about the incident Link to video: Must be either twitch, youtube or a recording of your POV. You must include timestamps if you are not using a trimmed clip of the incident.

4.3 -- CRL hosts their races on F2 on Fridays at 9 est, Sundays at 1 est for Tier 3, Tier 2 at 4 est, and Tier 1 at 7es, you have 24 hours to file a report under the #tier-1-report, #tier-2-report, #tier-3-report, and #f2-report tab using the template above. Should another driver file a report against you, you will be given reminder to post your POV of the incident in our own defense and will have 24 hrs. If you are unable to provide such video the stewards may be forced to make a decision in favor of the plaintiff. If you must include a link to a video of your POV of the entire race you must include a timestamp of the incident as well as the lap. Failure to provide POV can result in points against your super license, depending on the severity of the incident could result in 1-15 points.

 4.4 -- The stewards have a wide array of penalties that can be applied however and wherever deemed fit. These will be a result of reviewing the incident reported, discussion, and a majority vote on the outcome. There are 4 stewards in the league as well as a 2 Marshalls to assist in making fair calls on incidents. If needed we have also partnered with the IFEA to assist in making decisions on incidents.(edited)

The penalties at hand are as follows:

- 5 Second time penalty 
- 10 second time penalty
 - 15 second time penalty
 - 20 second time penalty 
- 30 second time penalty
 - Qualification ban for the next race of driver attending (may also be used in place of a time penalty if driver did not complete the race)
 - Disqualification from the race
 - One-race ban 
- Multiple-race ban
 - Permanent removal from the league

6.3 Penalty Points – The penalty points system is a means of making sure we keep track of drivers and their demeanors, we don’t want to do this but under certain circumstances repeating offenses can be made by certain drivers and we aim to isolate and remove them if possible. The max amount of points a driver reaches before league removal is 100, and the points system can range from minor incidents (1-5 points) to collateral incidents (90 points) and sometimes on the severity of the incident it can lead to a league removal almost instantly without reporting. These are what the total points are and what each one can deal to you as you hit these numbers. Failure to abide by Sections 1 &2 namely will cause you to accrue points. The severity of the incident determines the amount of points you are given, for example – if it is a mild incident that just involves a offender and victim 1-5 points can be added to the offenders license, if the offender’s incident involves multiple cars up to 10 points can be awarded- please stay vigilant and aware of the possible consequences of the decision. As stated above, we do not want to issue points- this is being applied to ensure we are able to provide a quality environment for everyone to have competitive fun.
15 points – Qualifying ban
30 points – Race ban
45 points – 2-Qualifying bans
50 points – 2-Race bans 
75 points – 3-Race bans 
90 points – Excluded from the Drivers championship of the tier you race in + your end of the constructors points removed
100 points – removed from the league and dependent on the reason for it + blacklisted

4.5 -- All penalties come attached to a points system. We understand that accidents happen, but should you be found guilty of an easily avoidable incident you will gain points on your super license based on the severity of the incident. Not every finding will result in a penalty as racing incidents do happen. Missing races without reason or explanation, including having another driver announce your absence on your behalf will result in a “strike”. Violation of rule 3.1 may result in a penalty. Should an incident be found a racing incident no “strikes” will be awarded. 

4.5.1 -- All incidents reported are subject to fair review by the stewards. Should post race penalties need to be served they will be done so as fairly as possible so as to set precedent for future incidents. If you wish to appeal the decision the Stewards have made you are free to do so, at that point the Stewards will bring the appeal before our partners with the IFEA (a source outside of Can-Am Racing League that was created for Admins of other Leagues to assist with issues like this). Please contact a @steward or @marshall if you wish to appeal, Report lobbies are not intended for that purpose.

4.5.2 -- League owners reserve the right to ban and remove people from the league instantly should they feel the driver to be nothing but a problem on track or consistently breaking league standards.

4.6 -- CRL's discord server has a MEE6 bot which is programmed to issue warning and penalties for foul language in the chat pages. 


4.6.1 -- Members who receive 2 warnings from the MEE6 bot within 1 day or 24 hours will be temporarily muted for 1 day or 24 hours.


4.6.2 Members who receive 3 warnings from the MEE6 bot within 1 day or 24 hours will be temporarily banned for 2 days or 48 hours. *All rules and standards are subject to amendment. Notification of such action will be made.

Please Give this a Thumbs up acknowledging that you understand the rules- do not hesitate to contact a Steward if you have any questions or concerns. We are a League for the Drivers by the Drivers!

Good Luck on track and lets have some fun! 


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