In 2011 Outlaw was started as a way for two brothers and friends to race together online and have fun. Since then, it has been led by one of the brothers, who's PSN is "Harley", for short. Becoming a proper racing league, they have spanned across several games and platforms from Formula 1 to Nascar. They have crowned back to back champions two times from 2011 to 2012 and by "Harley" himself from 2013 to 2018 in Project Cars 2. Running as a league with organized races across all three trucks, Xfinity and Cup Series.


In April of 2020, Outlaw expanded its name to the F1 series as Outlaw Monster International F1 Championship. Coming towards the end of its 2020 game season, in the early summer it made a name change to what is now Can-Am Racing League or CRL. The league has been created and co-owned by CRL_J_K_2012. Expanding at the rate of a Formula 1 car's Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) it took on its new name, recruited for its 2020 game season, and started producing some rather fresh social media content thanks to the help of 4 top-notch stewards! ;)


CRL_J_K_2012 - Owner / Race Director

tpound0386 - Steward

CRL-icemn22_08 - Steward

CRL_jdunk13 - Steward

CRL_bowtieordie - Steward

Official member of the IFEA

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