CRL - Canada America Racing League

- And its lights out and away they go! -


CRL is an online racing league running on the Formula 1 game series on Playstation. We use this website and a Discord page for all league communication. All levels of ability are welcome! CRL was founded on clean, fun and respectful racing. We pride ourselves on providing a supportive and structured racing environment where drivers can grow and have a great time within our racing community. 


We have 4 tiers of racing. 

Tier 1 - Sundays at 7PM EST

Tier 2 - Sundays at 4PM EST
Tier 3 - Sundays at 1PM EST

F2 Division - Fridays 9EST (1 Shot Qualy, 25% Feature & Sprint, preset setups only.)

All drivers must go through "tryouts" with a steward in order to be eligible to join a tier'd team. Once all seats have been filled in both tiers, reserves will be accumulated to fill in on race days until a permanent seat opens up. 

         F1 Session Specifications

  • Full Qualifying (18/15/12 mins) - 50% race

  • Ghosting - On

  • Formation lap - On

  • Corner Cutting - Strict

  • Pit assist - Off

  • SC - On

  • Damage - Full

  • All other driving assists are up to your personal choice.

Official member of the IFEA

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